• Public Rally against Forced Mergers!


    All welcome this Friday 12 noon Lane Cove Plaza Lane Cove Plaza will host a Public Rally this Friday to protest the Baird State Government’s forced amalgamation of Lane Cove and Hunters Hill Councils with City of Ryde. All concerned citizens with the threat of the demise of local democracy and local government are urged [...]

  • Residents have fought Hunters Hill battle and will win again


    To The POINT with PETER ASTRIDGE THE NSW Baird Government has argued that “there are too many councils and mergers are required to drive efficiencies and stop many of the councils running at a deficit.” Unfortunately he misses the real issues and that is, it’s the largest Councils which run into deficits and the rest [...]



    Ryde Council staff vacate Ryde Civic centre Expensive relocation scam! By The Weekly Times Special Team of Investigative Reporters  (TWT STIR TEAM) Ryde Council staff have vacated the Ryde Civic Centre in a mass exodus to expensive leased offices in Macquarie Park and elsewhere in a nonsensical evacuation scam. Centre doesn’t need to go, says [...]

  • Hunters Hill seeks Plebiscite to allow Public to decide


    Using John Howard’s 2007 Electoral Bill BY OUR CIVIC ROUNDSMAN Hunters Hill Council voted on Monday night to hold a plebiscite on the proposed forced merger with neighbouring Lane Cove and City of Ryde Councils. The non compulsory plebiscite would be conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission at a cost of $100,000 to be paid [...]

  • Turnbull called to uphold Howard plebiscite law on forced mergers


    Protestors from Hunters Hill, Ryde and Lane Cove have called on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to uphold laws passed by John Howard’s government to hold a Federally funded plebiscite to give ratepayers a say on unpopular council mergers. The protestors made the call outside Mr Turnbull’s Edgecliff office last week where they stressed Mr Howard [...]

  • FEDERAL ELECTION Saturday July 2, 2016


      “ I am known in Canberra for being particularly vocal about my Electorate” says Bennelong MP John Alexander.   Q & A for Bennelong John Alexander answers the BIG local issues. In an exclusive interview with The Weekly Times, Bennelong MP John Alexander addressed the BIG local issues. Here’s what he said … Q: [...]


    Support for Major Parties is Falling According to the latest Roy Morgan Poll, Australians are far less likely to support the major parties at the upcoming Federal election. Only 69 per cent of those polled intend to vote for one of the two major parties, compared with 84 per cent of votes for the major [...]

  • We’ll be knocking on your door this weekend


    Ryde’s Salvation Army captain Cheryl Kistan and her children Samuel, Micah and Faith help mum with this weekend’s Red Shield Appeal. TWT on-the-spot PHOTO The Salvation Army is seeking the support of volunteers and kind hearted residents for this weekend’s Red Shield Appeal. Ryde Salvation Army Captain Cheryl Kistan told The Weekly Times volunteers can [...]

  • Bunnings shamed over Victoria Road access


    ANGRY neighbours next to Bunning’s Ryde devel0pment have demanded the hardware giant to justify its ‘shameful’ decision to delay moves to install an entry off Victoria Road. Bunnings has submitted a Section 96 development proposal to put off the entry until Stage Two of the project. The neighbours told The Weekly Times this will cause [...]

  • Lighthouse Keepers


    THE primary and historical duty of the Light Keeper, was the maintenance of the integrity of the navigational aid. One Lighthouse had three keepers and their families living on site. At night there are three alternating shifts of 4 hours each, followed by an eight hour break. For over the century depending on the location [...]

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