The Balmain Tigers Football Club has welcomed this week’s news that the Rozelle Village will not end the club’s lease at the vacant, destitute Balmain Leagues Club site on Victoria Road, Rozelle.

Spokesperson Ian Wright from Pacific Investments has advised the club the agreement to lease ‘will not be terminated’ and that ‘we have waived all of our rights in that regard’.

“I can also advise that this guarantees the future of the Tigers at that site,” he said.

A proposal to develop the site with a new Leagues Club, residential apartments, a new shopping plaza is currently before the NSW Land and Environment Court and the next court hearings are expected to be heard from March 29 until April 1.

Backed by the latest guarantee, Balmain Tigers spokesman Dr Leslie Glen wants Leichhardt Council, the local community and fans to be rest assured about the club’s financial future.

“We appreciate what Mr Wright has told us and we’re very optimistic about how we can now move forward,” Balmain Tigers spokesman Dr Glen said.

“We’re trading pretty well at the moment and can meet our financial obligations.

“This decision to extend our lease gives us a further opportunity to show we are viable.”

Dr Glen can even see a day when a viable and thriving Balmain Tigers club will be a community partner with the Council.

“We all have a strong community spirit and we certainly want to support the community and host community events,” he said.

With the development currently in court, Leichhardt Council has declined to comment on the development proposal on the grounds it is not the consent authority.

Mr Wright said he is aware of the Council’s opinion.

“Nonetheless, the onus is now on Leichhardt Council to show some courage and leadership to reverse their position on this fully compliant DA and bring an end to the court proceedings,” he said.

Tigers fans can do their bit to Bring the Tigers home by writing to Leichhardt Mayor Darcy Byrne with your views.


PICTURED: The Bring The Tigers Home campaign logo at the Balmain Leagues Club before it was recently vandalised