Big changes in Gladesville shopping strip

A=BWS store 233-235 Victoria Road 5 storeys; B=Glades Centre arcade 223-227 Victoria Road 5 storeys; C= Commonwealth Bank 219-221 Victoria Road 5 storeys; D=NAB building offices; E=209-213 Victoria Road 5 storeys

Five storey residential buildings will line Victoria Road


Three development applications have been lodged with Hunters Hill Council which, if or when approved, will dramatically transform the face of Gladesville’s Victoria Road shopping strip between Cowell Street and Massey Street.

The applications affect properties on Hunters Hill side of Victoria Road at 219-221 which includes the Commonwealth Bank building, 223-227 which includes the Glades Centre arcade building and 233-235 which includes the BWS liquor shop.

They have in common demolition of existing buildings and replacement with five levels of housing on top of retail or commercial premises and basement car parking.

The Commonwealth Bank site specifies reinstatement of the bank’s art deco heritage facade and five-storey, shop-top housing with two levels of basement car parking and associated landscape.

The latest three Development Applications are in addition to several others in process in the same block between Cowell and Massey streets.

Shops at 209-213 Victoria Road have already been demolished and will be replaced with a five-storey residential building of twelve apartments with mixed development of two commercial offices and parking. Next door, the NAB bank building is being refurbished as commercial offices.

The Glades Centre site 223-227 Victoria Road venue of the famous arcade will house 30 residential units, ten retail units with 66 car spaces.

The BWS site at 233-235 Victoria Road will be redeveloped with 2􀀛 residential units in five storeys and three retail units, one commercial unit and 44 car spaces.

The applications and plans can be inspected at Hunters Hill Council from 8.30am to 4pm weekdays with the exhibition period to close Friday February 16.