Children give up holidays to save dogs on death row

Leila 'Donnell, 8, and eleven-year-oId Chanel Cianci

WHILE other children are enjoying the summer holidays, two caring girls from Ryde have given up their break to rescue dogs on death row.

Eight-year-old Leila O’Donnell and 11-year-old Chanel Cianci (pictured) have pent the Christmas season raising awareness for Monica’s Doggie Rescue, a registered charity that saves dogs from pounds and finds them homes.

“We get to hang out with some friendly dogs and we raised $70 with a drawing of a puppy with a cloured love heart,” they said.

“Our favourite part was seeing the smiles on people’s faces and we hope we can help dogs lead safe, fun and healthy lives.”

Leila’s mum Tania said she is proud of the girls’ efforts and impressed by their compassion.

“I’m definitely proud of hem because they’ve given up their entire holidays to save the lives of these animals,” she said.

“They love Monica’s Doggie Rescue and have also volunteered to walk the dogs occasionally.

Monica’s Doggie Rescue has seen animal lover Monika Biernacki and a group of volunteers rescue dogs from death row and find homes for them with permanent loving owners since the charity was established in 2001.

Rescued dogs are microchipped, heartworm tested and vaccinated by a vet before they await adoption after a ten-day quarantine period.

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