Club RydeX Protest Meeting

Members sack old Board, elect new one!

Club RydeX members voted overwhelmingly to sack the club’s existing board and appoint a new one at last week’s special meeting called by a group of dissident members.

 Almost 200 club members packed the Ryde Masonic Hall for the vote which also saw members declare the club’s property as ‘core property’ which prevents it being sold without a vote of members.

The members voted to replace the current board with RSL members Tony Bonvino, John Campbell, Bernie Cox and Rye Anthony Cook combined with Social Members Greg Fraser, Ravi Singh and Vic Tagg.

Club RydeX was recently placed in administration with over a million dollar debts although administrator Greg Russell told the meeting the club is “asset rich” and its land on Victoria Road, Ryde is worth an estimated 30 million dollars.

“There will be decisions taken that will upset people but I can’t tell you what they are,” Mr Russell told the meeting.

Administrator ‘hopeful’

“One of the problems of insolvency is that what can go wrong, will go wrong.”

Mr Russell stressed that his role was to ensure the club’s long term viability but he conceded the club could run out of cash by June this year.

“My job is to come to grips with the situation and the hurdles to jump and my initial view is that creditors will be paid.”

The meeting saw the resolutions proposed by Ryde Council by-election candidate Vic Tagg passed with one dissenting voice by an unidentified critic who claimed the meeting was illegal.

Vic Tagg insisted the resolutions that were passed are binding and current hearings in the Supreme Court would accept the outcome.

“The court will give weight to the resolutions and accept that this meeting represents the actions by members to save their club.”


‘Give us back our Club’!


Club RydeX stalwarts Diane Erickson, Tony Bonvino, Peter Simmons and Vic Tagg were supported by almost 200 members at the Ryde Masonic Hall last Tuesday night calling on the existing Board to resign and “Give Us Back our Club”. TWT on-the-spot PHOTO