Dump the parking metres, says Councillor


Parking meters should be thrown in the garbage bin, says Clr Zac Miles who is pictured at Clarke’s Point last week. TWT on-the-spot PHOTO

A plan to install parking meters in Clarke’s Point and Buffalo Creek Reserve is discriminatory and should be trashed, Hunters Hill Clr Zac Miles said this week.

The parking metres will charge non-residents up to five dollars an hour and were approved by Hunters Hill council to raise revenue for park maintenance.

They are expected to be installed a few days before Christmas and require residents to apply for permits with a maximum of two permits per household.

Councillor Miles is strongly opposed to the parking meters and said local families will be the worst hit, alongside visitors.

“What family in Hunters Hill with teenagers has two cars or less?” he asked.

“With only two permits per household this is discriminatory.”

He also questioned why the Hunters Hill Sailing Club was offered and received 50 permits while junior soccer, cricket and rugby clubs at Buffalo Creek Reserve missed out.

“As I see it, this discriminates against the mums and dads with children who play sport at Buffalo Creek Reserve,” he said.

City of Ryde Deputy Mayor Clr Roy Maggio said the parking metre policy discriminates against Ryde families with children who play sport at the reserve and he reiterated his call to charge Hunters Hill residents a fee to use the Ryde Aquatic Centre.

“There should be equity across all allocations and if the Sailing Club is allowed permits at Clarke’s Point, soccer and cricket clubs at Buffalo Creek Reserve should get permits as well,” he said.

“At the very least they should be consulted.”

Hunters Hill Council has defended the parking permit scheme on the grounds that people outside the municipality who use both facilities should be asked to contribute to their upkeep.

Hunters Hill is also Sydney’s smallest municipality and does not have a large industrial area contributing rates to the budget.