Foley Gatecrashes Eastwood Festival

Launches Laxale forNext State Election


NSW State Opposition Leader Luke Foley visited Eastwood last Saturday to announce the endorsement of former Ryde mayor and Councillor Jerome Laxale as the Labor Party candidate for Ryde at the next State election.

The next State election is not scheduled for another two years but Mr Foley took the opportunity to visit Eastwood on the busy Eastwood Lunar New Year celebration day to make the most of the announcement.

Mr Foley spent several hours in Eastwood on the Plaza speaking with constituents before making the official announcement at a party launch in Cafe Centro.

The Labor team acknowledged the presence of special guest The Weekly Times Managing Editor John F Booth AM “as the man who brought down the dictator” Premier Mike Baird!

Mr Foley said the Ryde Electorate is a key frontline seat that Labor should win.

“In the last election the biggest swing against the Liberals was in Ryde and in the next election it is ours to win,” he said.

“I said to the Labor Party that Ryde must be on our frontline list and that Jerome Laxale must also be on that list.”

Mr Foley identified key political issues in Ryde as “rampant overdevelopment” and affordable housing.

“The Berejiklian Government is treating people in Ryde as mere objects to be steamrolled in the path of rampant overdevelopment.

“Here in Ryde homes are less affordable than in London and New York and this is because Gladys Berejiklian has made it easy for property speculators.

“Labor promises to make it fair for young couples to afford to buy a home here, it is the great Australian dream of a fair go and only the Labor Party offers this fair go.”

Mr Foley described Jerome Laxale’s opponent, Ryde Liberal MP Victor Dominello as “a nice guy”.

“But he is not a fighter and it’s fighting for people is what Labor does best.”

Mr Foley also confirmed that Labor would give preferences to a conservative independent candidate in the neighbouring seat of Lane Cove.

“Of course we would never preference One Nation or an extremist candidate but we would preference a conservative, independent opposed to forced mergers, with the community interest at heart.

“We would be very open to that and to fighting with communities to oppose the forced mergers.”

Councillor Laxale promised regular visits to Ryde by Mr Foley.

“The hallmark of Luke’s leadership is that he doesn’t speak too often, but when he speaks it is from the heart.”

Labor voters at Saturday’s announcement conceded that Gladys Berejiklian is a capable administrator but her “poor media skills” would be a liability for the Liberals in the election campaign.

NSW State Opposition Leader Luke Foley officially announced the endorsement of Ryde Councillor and former mayor Jerome Laxale as the candidate for Ryde at the next State election pictured with his wife Karen, his children Madeline, Amelie and Harry in Eastwood on Saturday. TWT on-the-spot PHOTO.


‘Labor would preference a conservative independent in Lane Cove’