Have YOUR Say with TWT

We invite you to Have YOUR Say on issues that matter to you! We hear a lot from politicians and other talking heads, but TWT wants to hear the views of the people that really matter - you!

Contact us and Have YOUR Say! We have a number of options for you to get in touch. We're on social media, including Twitter & Facebook where get in touch - www.facebook.com/WeeklyTimesAustralia or www.twitter.com/WeeklyTimesAU if you really feel strongly about an issue.

And of course you can always submit a letter to the editor by mail. Full name, address and telephone number must be supplied, even if not for publication and you can send your letter to: TWT, PO Box 123, Ryde 1680 or submit a letter online on TWT's website: http://www.weeklytimes.com.au/jbs-world/letters-to-the-editor/