Internal barn door trend


Wildwood Designs Sydney have recently been making custom internal barn style doors.

ÒSliding internal barn doors really ad some wow factor to an interiorÓ says owner of Wildwood Designs Juliet Barr.

ÒThey bring timber texture to a space that otherwise would have looked quite boring and normal Ó

ÒWe can do a variety of modern finishes from white washed to rustic wood look. Our customers go on websites like Pinterest and get ideas. We can make many different styles.Ó

ÒIt is best we know what fittings you are going to have before we make the doors so they can be made accordingly. We make them we donÕt install them though.Ó

To get a quote bring in your measurements to the Gladesville or Stanmore stores at 334 Victoria Road, Gladesville 98176999; 78 Parramatta Road, Stanmore 95577770 or email:

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