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Party politics in local councils

Dear Sir, Am I the only one who is tired of having our local council politicised? Whatever happened to Councils working collectively for their local community? By all means, councillors can take credit for good deeds but please don’t do so in the name of your political party. As a resident of Meadowbank, I shouldn’t be privy to any of my councillor’s affiliations with a particular political party. Councillors should be working cohesively for the betterment of their community, not Continue Reading→

Reconciliation for all Australians

Dear Sir, As we proceed in our quest for reconciliation with our indigenous community, now is the time to analyse its progress and examine the process. At what stage are we at with reconciliation? When is it scheduled for completion? What criteria is used to measure its development? Who or what decides if we are succeeding or failing with our goal? The ongoing promotion for the change of date celebrating Australia Day is a perfect case in point. Where does reconciliation position itself Continue Reading→

Upgraded Police Stations wanted

Dear Sir, For 2018 would you please assist the Ryde Local Area Command to have buildings and infrastructure appropriate for the 21st century, and especially the vastly increased Eastwood, Epping, Macquarie Park demographic, including multicultural factors. The current Eastwood Police Station looks very shabby indeed, with poorly utilised front verandah space, and very crowded, old fashioned interior. In particular there seems very inadequate space for private and confidential interviews Continue Reading→

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