Gutless MPs or very brave?

Dear Sir, 

So TWT is calling local MPs “gutless” for not opposing amalgamations.

Maybe these people do believe there are economic benefits in larger and more efficient organisations, and will pursue what they see as an important reform no matter how strong the kickback?

Maybe they put a high value on loyalty, and after deciding on a collective course of action in the public interest, they stick to it?

Gutless? Or very brave?

Maybe they don’t buckle when a vocal, wealthy elite in Hunters Hill, Mosman and Woolhara – all Sydney richest suburbs, all furious that their power and position at the top of the pile might be undermined, launch a vocal counter campaign?

Maybe they even display courage when their powerful local media lampoons their leader as a “Charlie Chaplain” dictator, and (don’t blush JB – you know exactly what you are doing) labels him a fascist?

What now for our gutless MPs?” Well, thanks to TWT, they now have my upmost respect.



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