Sydney’s Most dangerous footpath

Dear Sir,

Imagine 60cm between yourself and semi-trailers, trucks and cars flying past at 60km an hour. No fence. No barrier. No protection.

I walk this route twice a day. It’s very frightening.

Continue walking on this Beecroft Road footpath, past the tyre skids from the bus in the fatal accident over a year ago where Cheltenham school girls, bicyclists and pedestrians – with no alternative route – traverse.

I believe this is the most dangerous footpath in Sydney.

Years after contacting Council, the Roads and Maritime Services, Downer and Transurban why is there still no barrier nor any plans for a barrier in this dangerous section?

How can government spend half a $billion  on the 6 kilometre Third Freight Line opposite this strip but cannot put in a few metres of fencing?

Maybe people-power will shame our people-funded government departments into action, sadly, this seems to be our only option. Unless Kristina or John think it would be a good photo opportunity.

Cynical? Nah!



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