Morrison Road speedhumps will penalise residents, not offenders

Morrison Road residents are being punished with speed humps for offences committed by motorists who blatantly break the law.

Ryde City Council voted in favour of the speedhumps around Putney Public School at a recent Council meeting despite residents objections and councillors apparent support for residents at a committee meeting only two hours earlier.

Resident Jeff Edwards is angry with councillors whose speed humps will now subject him to a constant ‘thump, thump, thump’ sound at all hours of the day and night.

ÒI canÕt believe some councillors took one view at the committee meeting and another at the council meeting, it is reprehensible and I feel lied too,Ó he said.

Mr Edwards concedes there are risks to children on Morrison Road and has campaigned for speed and safety cameras to catch offenders without penalising residents.

ÒThere are also Stop signs at the intersection of Morrison Road, Acacia and Parry Streets but few motorists Stop and most treat them as Give Way signs.

ÒI believe that we need cameras and I believe that, unless you have the permission of local residents, you shouldn’t be putting in unwanted speed humps.Ó

Councillor Jerome Laxale agreed.

ÒWhat upsets me is that this (position) had the support of Liberals like Putney’s Clr Roy Maggio at the Committee Meeting and less than two hours later he backflips on it at the Council meeting, Ó Clr Laxale said.

ÒYou have to ask what happened in two hours to change their minds.Ó

In other news, a Ryde father has warned councillors that action needs to be urgently taken to prevent a child be killed or hurt outside Ryde East Public School.

Parent Colin Parkin told last Tuesday Council Meeting that the school zone is dangerous and that a zebra crossing – being considered by councillors – is just not good enough.

ÒThere has been talk that a zebra crossing is a safe alternative and I do not believe it is,Ó he said.

ÒThere is no school warning sign and only a School Zone sign a few metres from the current crossing.

ÒSince my two sons attended Ryde East Public I’ve noticed an increase in traffic, an increase in aggressive drivers and worst of all an increase in drivers texting while driving.

ÒOur lollipop lady was almost run down and one woman who had an accident actually admitted she was texting at the time!Ó

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