US President Donald Trump has called the Paris Climate pact for what it is – a gigantic and costly hoax.

Pity more Australian political leaders don’t follow suit and help save the Australian economy and welfare

Thank God for Trump!

Climate Alarmists Be Warned!


If US President Donald Trump does nothing else in his presidency he will still go down as one of the great Presidents of the modern age by his courageous stand against the hoax of so called Man Made Global Warming now also known as Climate Change.

Time and history will prove the actions by President Trump at this time right and correct despite so called “scientific consensus” conspiracy which is more regulated by money and grants than true science.

Anyone remember the Millenium Bug which cost each one of us a share of the billions spent by the Australian Government to protect us from the planes falling out of the sky at 2000?

And the world stood by on tenderhooks to find out what would happen to the universe.

Well it’s the same or similar hoaxers who are bewildering the public today through their lies and halftruths about climate change and “saving the planet”.

We’ll serve up more good news next week.

Now wait for the barrage of alarmists.

Cartoon by Josh, Saving the Planet, one cartoon at a time!