Stunning victory for TWT & Hunters Hill residents in toxic waste cleanup campaign

A campaign by TWT and Hunters Hill residents demanding the clean up of toxic waste in Nelson Parade, has achieved a stunning victory with the NSW Government forced to commit to a multi-million dollar remediation of the contaminated area.

After years of local politicians sitting on their hands and allowing the health of their constituents to be compromised, TWT and a grass-roots ‘Decontaminate Hunters Hill’ campaign joined forces to demand action on the front page of last week’s edition. (14th February, 2018)

Today, only after this week’s edition of the TWT went to press, the NSW Government issued a statement to advise it had set aside $30 million to fund the remediation of the Old Radium Hill Refinery located at Nelson Parade, Hunters Hill.

It was also “considering suitable disposal locations for the waste, and is in discussions with the Federal Government on the possibility of using the proposed National Radioactive Waste Management Facility earmarked for development in South Australia”.

Former Hunters Hill Mayor Richard Quinn deserves special mention for speaking up on the issue after numerous requests for action from local politicians fell on deaf ears.

This is a victory the TWT will celebrate with the Hunters Hill community – stay tuned for more on this in next week’s paper.

Meanwhile, Lane Cove MP Anthony Roberts has pledged to personally supervise the cleanup which has been put off by a series of politicians for 40 years.

Rest assured the TWT will keep a watching brief and hold our politicians to account until the job is done.