Ryde artist captures the mystique of the 1920s

A Ryde make up artist wants to bring back the mystique and allure of the 1920s.

Artist Kristy Lange told The Weekly Times the 1920s set a romantic style, mood, mystique and allure that “flickered brightly and briefly” but has never been surpassed.

“Europe and particularly Paris and London emerged from the horror of World War One with a statement of fashion elegance and a style that flickered brightly and briefly before the Great Depression and World War Two.

“But the true glamour, mystique and mood of the 1920s has never been recaptured although there is an increasing number of historians now taking an interest in the era.

“My aim as an artist is not to copy the era, but to recreate that style and mood in a modern context.

“What I’m particularly interested is what the 1920’s called ‘allure’, which is much more about a woman’s mystique than it is today.”

The 1920’s style extends from fashion to music to cars and planes and even to furniture and architecture.

“You can still see glamour from the 1920s in some of Sydney’s oldest

surviving cinemas and department stores and if you look closely you can still see touches of Art Nouveau and Art Deco,” Kristy said.

“You do need some imagination to capture the mood of the immaculately dressed 1920s usherette showing you to your cinema seat, the omnibus conductor in his starch pressed uniform calling you sir and madam and the smell of the 1920s Chanel perfume wafting through the department store.

“Three cities, particularly, set the style .. London, Paris and New York … Sydney copied them.”

“My art strives to capture this type of allure and mood, not just recreate it, so when I work on make up what I’m actually doing is creating mystique.”

Ryde make up artist Kristy Lange with a 1920’s mystique. TWT on-the-spot PHOTO