Fit Kidz Miss Ashley, Miss Sarafina, Royal Rehab CEO Stephen Lowndes, Wendy Wilson, Mr Hamish, Jaxson, Lynette Sealie and David Bell are pictured with the Fit Kidz Anzac Day art work. TWT on-the-spot PHOTO

Children from the Royal Rehab’s Fit Kidz Learning Centre presented a beautiful art work to the Royal Rehab’s veterans last Friday.

The two piece art work represents Unity and Harmony with one piece on display at Fit Kidz.

“It represents the partnership, friendship and support Royal Rehab and Fit Kidz share,” Miss Ashley from Fit Kidz said.

“Fit Kidz continuing partnership with Royal Rehab creates such a rewarding experience for our children, with learning opportunities that will be carried with them throughout their lives.”

Following the presentation of the art work, senior veteran, David Bell – who is 93 and lives in Epping – spoke of the experience of the Anzacs and delivered the Ode and all shared in a moment of silence.