NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

EXTREME power bills and crippling toll charges will be dealt within the first term of a Luke Foley Labor government.

In an exclusive interview with The Weekly Times, Opposition Leader Luke Foley promised action on these two issues of the utmost concern to our readers.

Mr Foley described the ever-increasing toll charges as “highway robbery” and said the power bills are so high, small businesses across Northern Sydney are closing down and laying off staff.

“Power bills have increased by more than 20 per cent as a result of the sell off and privatisation of the electricity industry and we have businesses right here in Ryde putting off staff because they are struggling to pay these power bills, despite the lies told by the government about power bills coming down,” he said.

“Every home, every family has been hit hard by these bills.”

Mr Foley said that as well as the power bills, the ever increasing toll charges would also come under scrutiny when he becomes Premier.

“It is not just east to west with the cross city tunnel it is north to south with the toll ways and especially with the M4, which motorists have already paid for with their taxes,” he said.

“When we take government we’ve got to see what contracts this government has signed up for because this is all about privatisation and lucrative schemes, which are unaffordable for families and small businesses.”

Mr Foley also blasted local overdevelopment and the lack of local infrastructure but conceded that Ryde’s congestion problems are related to the city being a preferred destination for migration.

“The State government has embraced with enthusiasm the federal government’s migrant intake,” he said.

“Multiculturalism is worth celebrating but let’s have a discussion about the infrastructure we need first, because at the moment the Liberals are comfortable with high rise towers going up everywhere.”

He said that a lack of infrastructure extends to schools and hospitals and his ‘Fairer NSW Red Bus’ has been touring the Ryde electorate to make a point.

“The bus is outside Marsden High School today because this school has one of the worst maintenance backlogs in Sydney but I’m also here to talk about hospitals where people are waiting 12 months for elective surgery.”

“What I’m saying is that I’ll be fast tracking funding for schools and hospitals when in government, unlike this Liberal government whose priority is funding stadiums.”